For me John is one of the most enthusiastic, skilful and professional person in the catering industry. He knows the real meaning and value of hospitality.

Silvano Giraldin
Service and Management Consultancy Restaurant Director- Le Gavroche

John is a professional from the old school. He is one of the few people who know and understand the word hospitality. He has a great affinity for working with and bringing out the best in everyone.

Brett Graham, Head Chef
The Ledbury

I have worked with John at various points over a long period of time and I think it is fair to say that he really is one of the last of the great hosts still working in the industry. People with an absolutely natural ability to make people welcome are few and far between and John has this in spades. Furthermore has worked in many highly ambitious restaurants and has great technical ability and knowledge to pair up with phenomenal people skills.

Philip Howard, Head Chef
The Square
2 Star Michelin

I have had the pleasure of knowing John for almost 25 years and am honoured to consider him both a colleague and as a friend. He lives and breathes hospitality and whenever I have needed to instil great service into my teams, it is to him I have turned to help make it happen. John, like no other, can get staff seeing the importance of customer care and how enjoyable our profession is.

Robin Bidgood
CEO at Peyton & Byrne

Working with John I had the rare opportunity to encounter what was the skill of exceeding customer expectation. Often even today I use John as a example in training session to explain how we can think beyond our normal duties to make the service experience from good to exceptional.

Eric Fossard
Pernod Ricard

I have known and worked with John for over a decade and without doubt he is a leader in his field. Having worked in the restaurant and hospitality sector for most of his adult life he is the “go-to” consultant for all matters relating to the industry.

Thomas O’Maoileoin
Licensing Solicitor

Thomas and Thomas Partners LLP

Having known John for many years….I can only say that he is a total consummate professional ….He has tremendous pedigree and demeanor. John’s front of house, restaurant,  food service knowledge, and hospitality experience is second to none….A passionate trainer, his love of the restaurant business makes John a great ambassador to our industry…..I know his peers and colleagues look up to him and have the deepest respect for John…..He is also great company to be with, telling industry stories but do not let him tell his jokes !!!!!

Russell Gish, Owner
Global Hospitality Services, Inc.
Orlando, USA

Seeing John in action is an absolute pleasure. He truly understands hospitality and his ability to make people feel welcome is extraordinary. When on the floor, both staff and guests quickly identify him as the leader, and he makes a real difference.

Francesco Galletti
General Manager at Amaranto Restaurant, Bar and Lounge

I have had the greatest opportunity to work with John for a number of great London establishments for many years. His passion for, his knowledge of the industry, his energy, his drive, his ability to connect with people, to inspire, creating new energies and boundaries for those who want to go further. Thank you John for being part of my life and being part of my career path. You make the world of hospitality.

Drew Blackwell
Project Manager at MARC Limited

John Davey is the Don of London’s Front of House scene and the Creator of many of the great systems we all use to train our teams.  His exceptional eye for detail and understanding of human nature has enabled him to build and drive the best teams in London.  He has a tremendous following from both the internal and external customer with his charm, style and effortless delivery inspiring many of them.   Having known John for many years and worked with him, I have experienced him groom the next generation, adapt styles of service to suit the current trends and motivate groups into winning teams; accolades are something he is more then familiar with as he only ever produces winning teams.

Jacinta Phelan, 
COO at Andre Balazs Properties