His work will bring value through the ability to coordinate all the moving parts of a restaurant. While he works hard to channel those objectives through smaller details and big-game solutions, you can keep your eye on the big goals.

Speak with John and you will discover his extraordinary ability to connect with people from all levels of society. A simple conversation and you will start to consider him as a part of your team. John Davey is a safe pair of hands for your restaurant or business hospitality.

We highly recommend you to be advised by John Davey, a restaurant professional, in order to maximize your investment, profits and the growth and performance of your hospitality business or restaurant and minimize risks.

Team briefings

Harnessing the power of knowledge; how to give, how to participate and how to act.

Maintaining and improving standards

The importance of high standards and how to achieve them

Product knowledge

How to retain and use product knowledge to the benefit of the customer and business


Staff gain understanding and confidence in how to up-sell

behind the scenes