Just John

Just JohnLearning hospitality can take a lifetime but after two hours with John Davey you’ll feel pretty special.
The reason: because for John the art of hospitality is the art of making strangers relax and feel special.

John has done it all – he’s served princes, stars, the great, the good and the ordinary and he’s given all of them the same polished service that he learnt in the grand old palace hotels of yesteryear where service was more important than the food.

What John has done for his two hour talk is distil what he has learned from the great Maitre D’s of the past and combined it with his modern style of freer, fresher service.

In two hours you’ll learn about:

  • The art of ears, eyes, hands and knees
  • The first impression
  • The best times to speak to customers and how to read their body language
  • How teamwork can build confidence and a more successful business
  • Why the last impression is just as important as the first
  • How to create the power of a brilliant briefing
  • How to gradually elevate the whole team to perform higher standards than they thought possible.
  • Create an atmosphere where staff turnover is lower
  • Why product knowledge is the key to helping guests with their choices
  • Using up selling as part of a healthy guest/ server relationship
  • Diffusing difficult situations with ease and grace

In short you’ll learn everything you need to know to make you or your team stand out as shining examples of perfect modern service.

Just John, nothing else.